Caribbean Tax Law Journal

Edition 3

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Edition 3 – 2023 (pdf)

  1. Letter from the editor (pdf)
  2. Real estate rental: regular asset management or accommodation enterprise? (pdf)
  3. Tax consideration arising from ifrs 17 (pdf)
  4. Interview with the Curaçao minister of finance: Javier Silvania (pdf)
  5. The tax relationship between Brazil and The Caribbean (pdf)
  6. Transfer pricing, fair taxation and ethical issues (pdf)
  7. Taxation in Guyana (pdf)
  8. Towards a neutral formulary apportionment system in regional integration: a critical inquiry (pdf)
  9. Effective pension information for mobile citizens: where pension and tax law intersect (pdf)
  10. Ad (pdf)
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  12. Ad (pdf)

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