Caribbean Tax Law Journal

Author Guide

[A] Aim of the Journal

The mission of the Caribbean Tax Law Journal is to provide a forum for analysis and discussion of tax law within the Caribbean jurisdictions with a focus on Curaçao, Aruba and Sint Maarten. The Journal also covers the intersecting spheres of tax law between the EU and OECD. This journal focuses on current issues and developments within fiscal policy and tax law, offering practicing lawyers with guidance on new relevant developments in the field.

[B] Contact Details

Manuscripts should be submitted to Mrs. Germaine Rekwest, at

[C] Submission Guidelines

  1. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically, in Word format, via e-mail.
  2. Submitted manuscripts are understood to be final versions.
  3. Only articles in English will be considered for publication. Manuscripts should be written in standard English. Preferred reference source is the Oxford English Dictionary. However, in case of quotations the original spelling should be maintained.
  4. A brief biographical note, including the current affiliation, should be provided in the first footnote of the manuscript.
  5. Special attention should be paid to quotations, footnotes, and references. All citations and quotations must be verified before submission of the manuscript. The accuracy of the contribution is the responsibility of the author. The journal has adopted the “Leidraad voor Juridische Auteurs” legal citation style to ensure uniformity. Citations should not appear in the text but in the footnotes. Footnotes should be numbered consecutively, using the footnote function in Word so that if any footnotes are added or deleted the others are automatically renumbered.
  6. Tables should be self-explanatory and their content should not be repeated in the text. Do not tabulate unnecessarily. Tables should be numbered and should include concise titles.
  7. Heading levels should be clearly indicated.

[D] Review Process

  1. Before submission to the publisher, Editors will review each submission for suitability.
  2. The editors reserve the right to make alterations as to style, punctuation, grammar etc.